How Many of These Iconic Madonna Outfits Do You Remember?

For most millennials, Madonna has been a pop culture icon for pretty much their entire lives—whether they were personally collecting her albums or not. It's safe to assume everyone knows at least one Madonna song that they can sing practically word for word. But it's a bit harder to rattle off all her major style moments. With well over 30 years in the spotlight, there have been a lot. And they vary greatly from one to the next.

So to celebrate the eternal rule-defying songstress, we're taking a look at some of her most memorable ensembles over the last several decades that got fashion and music lovers buzzing. Whether you favor classic Madonna in a Jean Paul Gaultier bustier, every single period piece in her iconic "Vogue" performances, or her most recent penchant for menswear, take a look at the memorable ensembles ahead that have a place in pop-culture history.