This Is the Bold Pantsuit Color Hillary Clinton Keeps Repeating

Hillary Clinton doesn’t seem to think she’s a fashion icon. At least that’s what she hinted at last night when she received an honor during the LGBT Community Center of New York Fundraising Dinner. While accepting her Trailblazer Award, she spoke about the time she learned that fellow honoree Marc Jacobs began making T-shirts with her face on them. “I’m the fashion icon of all time,” Secretary Clinton said in jest. But arguably her bright yellow suit jacket hinted it wasn’t so far off.

>You see, while she might not exactly be a fashion insider, Clinton’s bold color choice was very on trend. It’s the shade that’s been spotted on models, celebrities, and the runway alike. And what’s more, thanks to a little digging, we found out that Clinton’s been championing this particular yellow number since at least 2014. Naturally, we have the photos to prove it.

Below, check out the outfit Clinton repeated last night for a very special occasion, and the few other times she’s sported the look.

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