Sorry, But the '90s Did Summer Dressing Better—5 Looks Inspiring My 2024 Wardrobe

While the '90s gave us countless celebrity outfits made infamous by their boldness and creativity—Liz Hurley in the Versace safety pin dress, Naomi Campbell's thigh-high cobalt blue socks—not all of them are easy to replicate for everyday wear. But if you dig through the archives, you'll discover plenty of understated A-lister looks that don't just shine quietly in the context of the decade, but also fit into 2024's fashion landscape.

With a new, warmer season to dress for, I've looked to five ’90s trendsetters for guidance. The era's aesthetic continues to inspire modern collections, and it's easy to see why: amidst the grunge accessories and daring runway looks, the style was defined by simple silhouettes and elevated basics.

From Kate Moss's timeless outfit formula to SJP's linen-trouser styling, these looks perfectly show the lasting appeal of ’90s fashion.

See 5 '90s Celeb Outfits I'm Copying This Summer:

1. Kate Moss: Tank Top + Jeans

90s celebrity summer looks: Kate Moss

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Style Notes: Kate Moss is famous for transforming simple wardrobe staples into It-pieces. Looking at this effortless outfit, I'm suddenly convinced a tank top and jeans are the hottest buys of the summer.

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2. Tyra Banks: Yellow Dress + Metallic Heels

90s celebrity summer outfits: Tyra Banks

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Style Notes: Trends really are cyclical, because this pale yellow dress could have been pulled from a 2024 runway. Tyra has styled it for the red carpet with metallic heels, but you could easily swap them for flats or espadrilles.

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3. Sarah Jessica Parker: Tube Top + Linen Trousers

90s celebrity summer outfits: Sarah Jessica Parker

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Style Notes: Rewatching Sex and the City has made me appreciate Carrie Bradshaw's style all over again, but Sarah Jessica Parker's off-screen ’90s looks were also on-point.

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4. Claudia Schiffer: Floral Dress + Espadrilles

90s celebrity summer outfits: Claudia Schiffer

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Style Notes: If I didn't know better, I'd think this photo was taken yesterday. Nothing about Claudia Schiffer's outfit feels dated—in fact, I've already spotted some very similar summer looks on Instagram.

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5. Jennifer Lopez: Button-Front Dress + Mules

90s celebrity summer outfits: Jennifer Lopez

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Style Notes: On a warm day, this is exactly the kind of dress that will keep you comfortable and looking cute. If it was good enough for J.Lo circa 1994, it's good enough for us.

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