8 Trendy Items That Will Make Your Denim Shorts Feel Very 2023

Summer is closer than ever, and I'll be pulling my warm-weather wardrobe out of storage in the next few weeks. First on the list is denim shorts. If you made a list of the perfect forever summer wardrobe, I think denim shorts would be at the top. They never really go out of style, but it doesn't take an expert eye to see they've taken a backseat to other items like tailored and boxer shorts in recent years.

All that to say, I wouldn't be surprised if you found yourself in a rut when deciding what to wear with denim shorts to make them feel up to date. Naturally, I have a few ideas to make them feel fresh and, dare I say it, even cool for 2023. It all comes down to styling them with a few key items. Simple choices like accessories or shoes can make a world of difference. But don't just take my word for it. Keep scrolling to see proof.

Ahead, I'm sharing eight items that solve the mystery of how to wear denim shorts in 2023.

Ballet Flats

denim shorts and ballet flats



While sandals and sneakers may be your first instinct to pair with denim shorts, ballet flats lend a French-inspired touch to the staple to dress them up a tad.

Big Shirting

Denim shorts, especially cutoffs, feel more polished when you pair them with a business-casual element like a button-down shirt. It's also the perfect outfit to pack for vacation.

Luxe Leather Belts

Another way to add instant polish? Adding a classic leather belt. It's such a simple addition, but it really pulls a look together in seconds flat.

Retro Sneakers



Retro sneakers are the shoes of the year, so pairing them with classic denim shorts makes for a very 2023 vibe.

Leather Bomber Jackets

If you're going to reach for outerwear, why not try something that feels especially fresh, like a leather bomber jacket? With basics like a white tee and sneakers, this combo basically styles itself.

Striped Tees

Preppy style has never been more relevant than this year, with quiet-luxury and "old-money" aesthetics reaching a fever pitch. Tap into them with a simple striped tee that lends a classic feel to denim shorts.

Socks With Loafers



Another unexpected pairing is casual cutoffs with academic loafers and socks.

Racerneck Tanks

You'll want to keep a stockpile of racerneck tanks on hand this summer to wear with everything from trousers to skirts to, yes, denim shorts.