I'm a Professional Shopper, and These Are the Basics I've Told My Friends to Buy

Best Summer Basics @deborabrosa



As someone who shops both for their job and out of a passion, you can bet my mom, friends, and sisters regularly hit me up for everything from special occasion pieces to the best basics. More often than not, it's the latter because while trends and statement pieces are important for a well-rounded wardrobe, essentials are the backbone. No closet would be complete without them. 

Of course, the better your basics, the better your outfit, so with new brands and pieces coming out every day, it's a category one could perpetually strive to improve—and strive we do. From tees, tanks, jeans, sandals, leggings, and more, below are the summer-ready pieces I currently love and constantly recommend to my friends. Ready to shop my finds? Keep scrolling. 

I'm not exaggerating when I say I bought three of them.

Since buying this in black and beige, I forgot all my other bras exist.

I bought this six months ago and have worn it nearly every weekend since.

I'm shocked these are even in stock! I might have to oder a second set.

I actually saw a friend wearing these the other day and ordered immediately.

I would call this a basic? It's that good.

I can't stress enough how often I use this.

Our readers love these, and I can see why.

A recent purchase I've been wearing nonstop.

Can you tell I love white tanks?

You'll never want (or need) another pair of leggings after trying these.

What was I even wearing before I got these?

I have to actively try to wear other jackets in my closet besides this one because I love it so much.

After searching for the perfect flats, I landed on this suede pair and am so happy with them.

Here's what to wear on those million-degree days.

I would love to keep this brand my little secret, but that would be the opposite of my job description.

I mean it when I say these are the perfect white jeans.

The best shape, color, and size for every day.

It's all about the drawstring waist.

If these are in stock in your size, act fast.

My latest blue denim purchase that I'm so happy with.