Mind Blown: There's an Awesome New Way to Lace Your Sneakers

Leave it to Chiara Ferragni to show us an all-new way to tie our shoelaces this spring. 

The blogger and street style star recently shared a pic of herself in the special edition Superga x Weekend Max Mara sneakers. Instead of tucking the laces out of sight or falling back on the standard bunny-ear approach, Chiara used the double laces (provided with the shoes) as a chance to get creative.

In an innovative twist, she used the leftover strings for an ankle wrap, leaving the second set of laces in traditional, loopy bows. The final result feels fresh and feminine—we'll admit we can't wait to try it out. 

See the full look below. 

Photo: Instagram/@chiaraferragni

Are you up for experimenting with your laces this spring? Let us know in the comments.