Leonardo DiCaprio, You Win the Award for Best Instagram Boyfriend

Behind every cute girl posting an Instagram photo from her vacation, of her outfit, of herself candidly sipping a latte, etc., you just know there's a friend or significant other behind the camera. But in case the phenomenon somehow flew over your head, there's an entire account dedicated to it. And of all the Instagram boyfriends out there, we're crowning none other than Leonardo DiCaprio as the greatest of all time.

On a dreamy Mediterranean vacation, Leo's 21-year-old girlfriend, model Camila Morrone, lived her absolute best life—and the proof is all over her Instagram. Between sailing around on yachts in Antibes and exploring the ancient cobblestone streets of the Amalfi Coast, Camila took full advantage of the photo ops along the way, and we can only imagine it was a devoted Leo behind the camera snapping away. She showed off her perfect vacation wardrobe, which was filled with every fashion girl's summer staples: sundresses from With Jéan, cute woven totes, and big gold hoops.

We have to say, Leo's got the whole Instagram boyfriend thing nailed down. Scroll down to see how he's flexed his budding photography skills.

Which one did you think was his best angle?