The Highest-Earning Celebrity Women Under 30 Have This in Common


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Forbes has just released its new list of 30 highest-paid celebrities under 30, and the roundup of young guns is a serious testament to what can be achieved in your 20s.

The top five, in order, include Taylor Swift, the One Direction band members, soccer player Lionel Messi, Adele, and Rihanna. A just 26 years old, Swift raked in a whopping $170 million in 2016, which included ticket sales from her tour, advertising gigs for Diet Coke and Keds, and other projects.

When you consider the women in the top five, you'll notice they have one thing in common: They're all musicians. There was only one actor or actress in the top 20—Jennifer Lawrence, who took the 12th spot with $46 million in earnings. Everyone else is either a musician or an athlete, but something tells us Hollywood's biggest screen stars are still doing just fine.

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