This Bra Raised Over $81K in 2 Days on Kickstarter

We’re willing to bet most women wouldn’t voluntarily wear a strapless bra every day of the week—at least this writer wouldn’t. They’re a necessity when you don’t want to ruin the line of a silhouette, but even with some expert advice à la Ashley Graham, we won’t reach for one when it’s not absolutely necessary. However, the latest bra design promises that none of your undergarments ever need straps at all. Or underwires for that matter. Skeptical? We are too, to be honest.

Evelyn & Bobby launched its Kickstarter campaign yesterday for a “revolutionary” creation that forgoes all the advice we ever heard about bra support. Instead of a U-shaped wire—a 1933 invention—used to lift, it features “architecture and contoured cups” intended to “eliminate the need for underwire.” Furthermore, Evelyn & Bobby says it’s also built a bra intended to stay in place without any straps, let alone ones that dig. “Our shoulders aren’t made to carry that weight,” its site claims. “The EB lifts and supports from your core and evenly distributes weight.”

Other attractive elements include the bra’s wide range of sizes—currently up to about a 38G, with extended sizes coming later this year—and shades of nude colors to match the skin tones of all women.

If you’re thinking this invention sounds kind of amazing, you’re not alone. While the bra won’t officially make its first shipment until December, in less than two days on Kickstarter, Evelyn & Bobby has raised over $81,000 of its $88,000 goal. Clearly something needs to change when it comes to undergarments, and perhaps this unexpected style has the answers.

Click over to see the full campaign for yourself and for the opportunity to buy the bra of the future before anyone else.