The #1 Vintage Shopping Tip to Know, According to a Hollywood Expert

A-list actresses might get all the attention during award season every year, but there's one major industry player who has silently been pulling the sartorial strings in all of your favorite movies for the last two decades: costume designer Sandy Powell. She's already won three Oscars, for her work in Shakespeare in Love, The Aviator, and The Young Victoria, and this year she is nominated for not one but two movies: Carol and Cinderella.

If you've seen Carol, you know about its memorably sumptuous '50s fashion. So we decided to tap Powell's expert knowledge about all things vintage, and luckily we got a treasure trove of helpful hints (e.g., dry-cleaning your vintage buys is super important).

Scroll down to read our entire interview with Carol costume designer Sandy Powell! Plus, go a bit further to watch an exclusive clip of Powell talking about working with Cate Blanchett. 

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