The New Trailer for The Hills' Anniversary Show Is Here—and It's Juicy

Back in May, Lauren Conrad dropped the very first hint about an upcoming MTV project, posting an Instagram and subtly tagging the TV channel in the image. About a week later—which felt like an eternity—we got our confirmation: Conrad is participating in a one-night TV special commemorating the 10th anniversary of The Hills. Now, we finally have the first trailer for the show, and it seems like it will live up to every expectation.

"So often, we would say, 'If you knew the real story, you'd understand,'" she says in the clip. "What I would like to do is tell that story." Conrad says the special will "reveal things we haven't talked about before" in addition to documenting everything she's been up to since the show went off the air. Mark your calendars: The show will be airing on Tuesday, August 2. 

Hit play to watch the promo for The Hills' upcoming anniversary special, and shop her clothing line!