5 Uncommon Trends Bella Hadid Is Making "a Thing"

When we look to models for off-duty inspiration, we tend to expect downtown-cool vibes, consisting of a uniform made up of tees, moto jackets, and skinnies. As much as we love that aesthetic, we also definitely take notice when a style star steps out of her comfort zone. Right now, that girl is Bella Hadid.

She has been wearing more "out there" trends lately that feel totally different. We're talking everything from biker hats to chain belts to unexpected color combos. While a bit more uncommon, we're so into these new looks. Because come on, there's nothing better than challenging yourself to think outside the box when it comes to personal style, right?

Ahead, check out five of our favorite "weird" trends Hadid has been testing lately, and shop the items you need to nail the looks. We promise you'll want to try at least one of the outfits coming your way. 

Which trend is your favorite? Cast your vote in the comments below!