Shay Mitchell Told Us the French Instagram Star She's Obsessed With

Having garnered 18 million Instagram followers (and counting!) in six years, Shay Mitchell is as much a star on social media as she’s been on television. And while it only takes a matter of seconds for the actress to rack up hundreds of double-taps on her posts, we had the chance to slow it down with Mitchell as she chatted with Who What Wear about her rules of social media manners and the stories behind her ’grams.

In the video above, the Pretty Little Liars star told us why she loves to post as many pizza photos as she does of boxing, as well as the French woman whose feed she’s totally obsessed with (you'll want to follow Mimi Thorisson too). Furthermore, since her ’gram tradition is to post a balloon photo for every million followers she gains, we can probably expect a new one any day now, as she just recently crossed the 18M mark.

Watch on for Mitchell’s tales from Behind the 'Gram.

Opening Image: Rex