We Spent 3 Minutes With the Cast of Ocean's 8 and a Lot Happened

Sandra Bullock, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, and me. If one of these things is not like the other, then I believe I’m what you call the oddball out. After all, I am not a star in the new Ocean’s 8 film, I have never shared a scene with Rihanna, and I’ve never been inside the Met Gala. So when I, fortunately, found myself in a conversation with these three Hollywood superstars, I didn’t mind letting them lead.

In a mere three minutes, I learned that Bullock is an avid Who What Wear reader (Hi, Sandy!), “Lotions11” is not the name of upcoming movie (but perhaps a great skincare line), Anna Wintour consulted on the film to get the Met Gala scenes just right, and that all three women can agree that Rihanna is the cast members most likely to own a Scrooge McDuck–style safe.

Watch on for our conversation, and then take a look at the amazing Met Gala advice Anne Hathaway has for Anna Wintour.

Ocean’s 8 hits movie theaters this Friday, June 9.

Opening Image: Getty Images