So Kendall Jenner Wore This Legging-and-Shoe Faux Pas

Because we know you care, we talk a lot about the dos and don'ts of leggings with shoes. One style, in particular, that's always on our "don't" list is stilettos, as they can read a bit Sandy from Grease when paired with formfitting leggings. But leave it to one of our favorite sartorial risk-takers, Kendall Jenner, to defy the odds and make a major legging-and-shoe faux pas look incredibly chic. Jenner attended ASAP Rocky's show in Cannes last night wearing the chicest all-black legging outfit we've seen in a while. She paired a beaded crop top with high-waisted leggings and patent leather stiletto pumps, accented by some major bling on her ears and around her neck.

While leggings and stilettos are not an easy look to pull off, if you're going to take anything away from Jenner's chic outfit, it's to stick to all black, make sure the leggings are high-waisted and simple, and keep the heels closed-toe.

With that, see and shop the daring look for yourself below!

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