Kendall Jenner Shares the Story Behind Her Vogue Cover

Kendall Jenner appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to talk about her new Vogue September issue cover. She chatted about the story behind the now famous image, but the conversation quickly turned hilarious when Kimmel poked fun at her.

“What are you thinking when you pose for a photo like that? What’s going through your head at this very moment?” Kimmel asked, holding up her Vogue cover. “Honestly, I shot with some amazing photographers,” Jenner responded. “Mert and Marcus shot it, and they are so awesome. They make every woman feel so amazing and beautiful and powerful. So when I was taking this photo—it’s an all-Gucci outfit—I felt so sick in it. I felt really good.”

Of course, Kimmel had to throw in a dad joke: “Sick? Remember I’m old; I don’t know the terminology. ‘I vomited all over that jacket. Sorry, Gucci.’” Jenner then clarified that she of course meant “sick” in a good way. Too funny!

Hit play to watch Kendall Jenner’s hilarious interview with Jimmy Kimmel!

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Opening Image: Getty Images

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