ICYMI: Kendall Jenner Wore a Super-Revealing Outfit to Easter Service

Here's something that should probably surprise no one, and yet—is shocking everyone: Kendall Jenner wore this to her family's Easter church service on Sunday. A cream-coloured crop top, matching trousers, and strappy sandals to complete the look—and people are crying "inappropriate" all over the Internet. 

To us, this look is far from out of the ordinary for Jenner (and while we're at it, for little sister Kylie also pictured). After all, the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan built careers off of what they wear out in public, and usually those choices are less-than-conservative. So the fact that they dress like this for church is not at all surprising to us.

That being said, there are certainly ways to dress cute for spring occasions without baring a ton of skin. Check out our boutique of chic spring dresses if you need a bit of inspiration!

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