Gigi Hadid Defended This Major Style Faux Pas—Watch the Interview

We'll admit it: The fashion industry isn't always very concerned with practicality. From tiny bags that barely hold your phone to dangerously high heels, designers regularly churn out pieces that aren't exactly realistic for your everyday life. A long white coat that drags on the sidewalk probably fits into this less-than-sensible category as well—but Gigi Hadid doesn't seem to mind.

During Hadid's appearance on the Today show, host Matt Lauer teased her about the outerwear choice she donned the other day. "You know from watching the show, I am a germaphobe. Look at your coat dragging in the street of New York. Do you know what's in the streets of New York?There's not a dry cleaner in the world that's good enough to sanitize that coat." 

Hadid laughed and explained why she didn't mind getting it dirty: “This will make you feel better," she told Lauer. "The coat came off the runway already dirty… Then I walked across the street for coffee; I only walked across the street. That’s literally the farthest I went all day yesterday on my day off." Okay, Gigi, we'll give you a pass on this one! 

Watch Gigi Hadid's full interview on the Today Show below!

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Opening Image: Getty Images

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