Did Gigi Hadid Just Make Sneaker Boots a Thing?

Just when you thought you'd seen every type of ankle boot imaginable come to fruition, Gigi Hadid busts out a cool new hybrid shoe. The model recently paired a fur coat and skinny leather pants with a pair of combat sneaker boots by Dr. Martens. And given that she loves a good '90s throwback and a borrowed-from-the-boys look, the sneaker boots perfectly suit Hadid's aesthetic. One specific detail made these boots look like a pair of kicks: velcro in lieu of laces. We've seen velcro make a return as of late, but the velcro boot look feels especially fresh.

The year is still young, and there's plenty of room for new shoe trends to make their way into the mainstream. As such, given the trendsetting Hadid's endorsement of the '90s-inspired combat sneaker boots and the under-$150 price point, we think these just might become a thing. 

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