I Dare You to Find a Better Deal Than Gigi Hadid's $80 Mango Boots

As much as we love lusting after the high-end garments of New York Fashion Week's street style elite, sometimes it can be refreshing to come across an item of clothing that—gasp—comes in under three figures. We did not, however, expect the high-street offering to come from superstar model Gigi Hadid.

Throwing all our preconceptions out of the window, the 23-year-old was spotted leaving her apartment in New York wearing a pair of stylish snakeskin boots from Mango. If that's not enough, we also just found out that they only cost $80—yes, really. Further confirming our newfound obsession with all things snakeskin, we'll be taking our cues from Gigi and investing in a pair of animal-print ankle boots for fall. Alongside Mango's red pair, we also love Topshop's Western-inspired offering, which is perfect if you're looking for more-comfortable lower heels.

Scroll down to see Gigi's look and shop the best snakeskin boots. Race you to the checkout.