Gigi Hadid Says You'll "Either Love or Hate" Her Outfit for This Major Event


Splash News

Earlier this month, it was announced that Gigi Hadid landed a major TV gig: hosting this year's American Music Awards on Sunday, November 20. Of course, right when we heard the news, we thought about all the sure-to-be-amazing outfits she'll be wearing on stage. Now, we have all the more reason to get excited: Thanks to her new interview with InStyle, we have new fashion intel straight from Hadid herself. She chatted with the magazine about what to expect from her hosting looks—and from what she describes, we're in for a real treat.

When asked about how she's making her wardrobe selection for the event, she explained, "I think that it's really important to go in and see the pieces that really make you excited and that you think will spark something in people," Hadid told the magazine. "I want people to either love or hate it. I don't want anyone to feel neutral about what I'm wearing." Excuse us while we daydream about stylish looks she's keeping under wraps until Sunday.

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