Kendall and Gigi's Surprising Fashion Choices Are All Thanks to This

Before 2016, not many people had heard of designer Yousef Al-Jasmi or Yanina Couture, the brand behind the showstopping sheer gown Gigi Hadid wore earlier this year. That's because stylist Monica Rose discovered these and many other under-the-radar brands to dress her It-girl clients with. Her most famous clients, models Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, have access to a designer wardrobe but choose to let Rose dress them in the latest from lesser-known designers. 

"My goal is to always make my client look and feel their very best while taking things to the next level whenever possible," Rose tells Pret-a-Porter of her process. "At times, that requires finding undiscovered talent to work with to mix things up — we try all of the best options and ultimately select what looks best." So what's her secret for discovering new designers? "I also work with a lot of showrooms all over the world that represent a plethora of new talent that I am introduced to on the regular," she says. The stylist also adds that fit and intricate details can make or break a look and in turn, allow her client and the designer's work "shine on the red carpet."

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Opening Image: Alo Ceballos/Getty Images