This Is the One Item in Bella Hadid's Closet She'll Never Throw Away

When it comes fashion personalities that are hard to keep up with, a certain famous family might come to mind. But just try staying on top of all of Bella Hadid's latest projects and appearances—it could make your head spin. With this in mind, we were so thrilled to catch up with Hadid one-on-one this week in the midst of the fashion week scheduling madness (ours, but mostly hers) to celebrate her new campaign for Tag Heuer.

Along with DKNY and Nike, the luxury watch brand is but the latest to tap Hadid's likeness. And it's clear from the images that her hectic life is part of her appeal. She poses in boxing gloves, points a camera to the screen, and she even wears a sports bra and leggings with stilettos and a fur coat at the event itself, proving she's a woman who does it all. And even though we sit down to chat with her after 10 p.m. (she closed the Oscar de la Renta show mere hours before), she's smiling, sweet, and totally willing to speak about all things style—another area of her life that she doesn't put restrictions on.

Below, read on for our talk with the It girl who let us in on her daring style POV, her inexplicable fashion collection, and the one item she'll never give away (Hint: It has Tweety Bird on it).

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