Bella Hadid Wore the Flare Jeans We Haven't Seen in 15 Years

Bella Hadid was recently spotted in New York City wearing a denim style that felt very different not only for her but also for this time period in general—longer baggy flare jeans. This style, in particular, is one we have not seen for almost fifteen years, as it gained traction during the 2000s. It's important to note the difference between typical flare jeans and this resurrected style—one is more crisp and polished while the other is more relaxed and grungy.

Despite the cold temperatures, Bella made this baggy denim style feel fresh by styling it with a cropped hoodie, baseball cap, and a structured handbag. The addition of her '90s-inspired sunnies and T-shirt layering situation gave her outfit a playful aesthetic, which is something she excels at. Since this A-lister is known to start trends with her daring style habits, we can only anticipate seeing this denim style pop up on fashion girls everywhere soon.

Keep reading to see the unexpected denim style Bella Hadid wore in New York City, and shop the trend for yourself.