#TBT Style Spotlight: Grace Kelly

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    If you fancy a stylish throwback, then be sure to tune in every week for our most recent style retrospect, and how to shop the look!

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    Who: Grace Kelly
    When: 1956
    Where: Hollywood
    ​Why: When you’re that flawless, you’re just asking to be emulated.

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    Equipment Brett Shirt ($198)

    ​A button-down blouse in a neutral hue will give you a sophisticated air, à la Kelly.

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    H&M Leather Belt ($18)

    ​This versatile brown belt will not only complete your Kelly-inspired ensemble, but will also most likely pair with almost everything in your closet.

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    Jaeger Paisley Print Silk Scarf ($132)

    ​The actress was so in love with scarves, she supposedly even stabilized a broken arm with one once. We’re not suggesting breaking any bones here, but why not add this silk scarf to your style repertoire?

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    Soludos Dali Espadrilles ($36)

    ​We can’t think of anything more endearing than an extremely polished woman in down-to-earth footwear, can you?

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    Alice + Olivia High Waist Tapered Pants ($264)

    ​High-waisted trousers will slim your waist. Reason enough to buy, no?

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Brett Shirt

Brett Shirt

Equipment, $198
Leather Belt

Leather Belt

H&M, $18
Paisley Print Silk Scarf

Paisley Print Silk Scarf

Jaeger, $132
Dali Espadrilles

Dali Espadrilles

Soludos, $36
High Waist Tapered Pants

High Waist Tapered Pants

Alice + Olivia, $264
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