Straight-Leg Jeans, Spreadsheets, and Endless Emails: Female Executives Tell All

While it's true we're in the business of style, we're equally as interested in the cool things our favorite women in cool clothes are up to. So when it comes to our workwear wardrobes, what better way to get inspired than by taking a look at the lives of some of fashion’s most successful women? That’s the idea behind our #hipowered series, in which we’ll be profiling chic professionals from every corner of our industry, from our own Who What Wear team to top Old Navy executives to leaders paving the way in creative startups.


What if we told you that everything you thought you knew about the fashion industry was wrong? We’re not saying there isn’t a grain of truth to The Devil Wears Prada, but the everyday reality of working in fashion isn’t all rubbing shoulders with designer bag–toting, Manolo heel–clicking women whose harried assistants are on one endless green-juice run. In our experience, the women who rise to the top are the ones who walk into the office earlier than everyone else, half-finished coffee in tow, ready to take on the day in fashionable yet accessible attire—and in sensible shoes.

To prove it, we turned the camera on two boss women making things happen here at Who What Wear. Shayna Kossove, SVP of ad sales, and Kat Collings, our editor in chief and executive director, invited us to follow along as they hurried through a regular day in the office. We talked about the best (and worst) career advice they ever received, how a perfect pair of jeans—here’s looking at you, Old Navy Power Jeans—is one of the most important elements of their work wardrobes, and how to combat the never-ending influx of meetings. Drumroll, please…