12 Outfits That Prove Black and White Are Anything But Boring

Although we’ve been all over the red trend recently, we wouldn’t call ourselves true fashion girls and guys if we didn’t have a soft spot for the timeless combination of black and white in an outfit. Whether a colorless outfit feels dull to you or a pared-back palette has always been part of your personal style, we can all agree that this color combination transcends seasons and trends and, above all, always looks sophisticated. (Heads-up: You’ll find some work-perfect looks here.) Yes, black-and-white outfits can easily come across as lifeless or boringly corporate. But fashion folks agree that it’s all in the styling when it comes to looking extremely chic in these simple tones.

Find out what makes these black-and-white outfits anything but boring and shop the pieces you need to create a beautifully pared-down look for yourself.