I Never Wear Fussy Outfits, and These Simple Looks Are as Chic as It Gets


(Image credit: @daniellejinadu)

Want to master the minimalist look, but afraid your outfits will veer too boring? Join the club. Pulling off a simple, streamlined outfit that turns heads without the use of prints, layers, or personality-infused accessories is quite the challenge. It's amazing how some style savants have the formula down to a science, never missing a beat and always managing to appear effortlessly cool, even in jeans and a T-shirt.

What it actually comes down to is familiarizing yourself with proportions and the silhouettes that look good on your own body. When you invest in these well-made basics and take care of them, they'll maintain their quality and you'll feel confident mixing and matching them with your other refined pieces. The combinations you create won't necessarily make for the loudest outfit in the room, but they'll be admired for their luxurious sense of ease.

A few examples for starters? Slip into your favorite wide-leg pantsuit, but leave your chest bare from any jewelry and complete the outfit with white leather sneakers. Or throw on an oversize white tee with a floor-length maxi skirt, teaming up these two everyday separates for a monochrome moment. Finish with plain patent oxfords and a shiny shoulder bag, and leave your other eccentricities at home. In these instances, you'll gain style points for the level of chic you reach without taking any sort of maximalist approach.

Ahead, find seven non-fussy outfits to try, and shop the essentials you'll want to have on hand to re-create them.


Relaxed Suiting
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Want to know how to keep your suiting simple? Opt for a bare neckline and a simple white sneaker to play up your pinstripes. Well-tailored co-ords go a long way, so you’ll need little else to impress.


Elevated Asymmetrics
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Start with a minimalist skirt with a slit at the side or asymmetrical silhouette. It will be your statement piece and break up a go-to button-down tucked into the waistband and a pair of simple ballet flats. It doesn’t get easier (or more comfortable) than that.


Sweater and Tee Simplicity
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One of the easiest ways to add a little something extra to a denim-and-a-T-shirt look is by draping a sweater over your shoulders. Finish the look with a minimalist leather boot. As long as your denim has at least one unique detail, such as contrast stitching, slits, or a wide-leg silhouette, your outfit will feel complete without a touch of jewelry.


Shiny Accents
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You can still pull off an unfussy outfit with a flash of metallics. Your foundation should consist of monochrome suiting, whether that’s a crisp white tee and maxi skirt or blazer and slacks, and then finish with a silver shoulder bag and patent-leather sneakers or loafers.


Black-and-White Colorblock
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Break up an all-white outfit consisting of a thick sweater and pooling trousers with a wide braided belt and accessorize with a plain tote bag and pattern-less shoes, all in jet black. Tying back your hair also helps to distinguish this non-fussy fashion moment.


Sweater Weather
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To achieve warmth without the fuss of a big cocoon coat or puffer, layer on two different sweaters (try one fitted turtleneck and one roomier cable-knit). Your foundational layer should call attention to the shade of your denim or shoes, just to bring the color story full circle.


Winter Layers
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Varying tones of gray can be easily styled atop one another. Start with a fitted V-neck sweater teamed up with charcoal denim and finish with a floor-length wool coat. You can accent the look with a white purse, black beanie, and black shoes. Be sure to keep things print-free, since you’re aiming to keep things unfussy during a season where layering is a must.