How to Stylishly Channel The Parent Trap in 2016

Currently Channeling is a revived monthly series that makes a shoppable connection between fashion and cultural references such as film and music. If you’d like to see something channeled, let us know in the comments section.

Identical twins separated at birth end up at the same summer camp over a decade later, not knowing the other exists. Sounds like the perfect premise for a family film, no? If you’re like this author, you grew up watching The Parent Trap, which is why putting together July’s Currently Channeling was all the more nostalgic and fun.

Combine a little taste of summer camp with Boston-meets-California style influences and you have the perfect sartorial recipe for a warm-weather look. Join us below for a glance back at Hayley Mills’s wardrobe, and why we think she pulled off playing two very different characters—Susan and Sharon—flawlessly.