7 NYC Style Rules You Should Never Break



How do you define when you become a New Yorker? Different people say different things—like a decade to some and three years for others. But there's one thing that's absolutely true no matter how long you've lived here: New York changes you. So we asked seven New York transplants to explain exactly how living in the Big Apple changed their sense of style.

Below you'll find a breakdown of seven rules New York residents live by now that they're here for good. Some are all about how to be practical—like wearing the right shoes and carrying the right bag. Others are more about figuring out a sense of personal style. But no matter what city you live in, all seven are worth keeping in mind when it comes time to figure out what to wear (or do a little shopping for that matter). See what current NYC residents had to say about how the city changed their style below.

Now you know the secrets to mastering NYC style.