If You Know Only One Under-the-Radar Brand, Make It This

You know those brands you see all the cool girls on Instagram wearing? The ones you always mean to look up later because you've never even heard of them before but always forget to? Well, when we first caught wind of under-the-radar brand Nanushka, forgetfulness was not an option. Although the brand has been around since 2005, just recently bloggers and fashion insiders have started showing off their favorite Nanushka pieces, and as a result, we have fallen completely in love. (See how bloggers are styling Nanushka pieces below.)

Originally from Budapest, Hungary, Szandra Sandor, Designer and Creative Director of Nanushka, set out to follow in her mother's footsteps as a working woman in the fashion industry. She attended the London College of Fashion to further gain an international perspective on design, but she ultimately returned to Hungary to start Nanushka. We had the chance to talk a little more intimately with Szandra about the ins and outs of her life and this chic brand she has created—what a typical day is like for her, her favorite pieces to design, and more. With an aesthetic tailored for the "urban escapist woman, who is always in the traveler state of mind, built for those who are always on the move, dressed for all occasions from morning till night," we have a feeling you'll quickly become just as obsessed with the brand as we are.

Go on to read our full interview with Szandra Sandor of Nanushka, to see how bloggers are styling the brand, and to shop a handful of our favorite pieces for yourself.


On Reese Blustein: Nanushka Mylla Camisole Dress ($311).

WHO WHAT WEAR: What motivated you to start designing clothes?

SZANDRA SANDOR: I grew up surrounded by clothes, as my mother had a childrenswear business, so I was naturally drawn to garments from an early age. It was inevitable.

WWW: What is a typical day like for you as a designer?

SS: Designing is not a 9-to-5 job. I have to consciously utilize the time when I am in a creative state of mind because it is not always like that. A typical day would involve a lot of creative-related things—designing takes up only about 50% of my time. I am not only the head designer but also the creative director, which means I am responsible for all decision-making regarding aesthetics. More specifically, approving newsletters, social media content, etc.


On Alyssa Coscarelli: Nanushka Berta Trench Coat.

WWW: What are your favorite kinds of pieces to design?

SS: Outerwear and knitwear, for sure.

WWW: Describe the girl you typically design for?

SS: She is natural, likes functionality but values spirituality, and is the story behind the designs. The Nanushka girl is confident, and clothing is a very important self-expression for her. She likes to combine contemporary and designer brands mixing them with her vintage treasures.


On Jessie Bush: Nanushka Berta Trench Coat.

WWW: What would you say the hardest part of your job is?

SS: To focus on so many things and prioritize among those tasks.

WWW: The most rewarding?

SS: When I put my ideas on paper and the design comes alive in two to three days. It's like magic.

WWW: What would you say the biggest misconception of being a clothing designer is?

SS: When people think that a clothing designer's life is roses all the way. In reality, it's full of responsibilities and hard work just like life itself.

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