Meet Modanisa, the Net-a-Porter of Muslim Fashion

Given that Muslim fashion is one of the industry’s fastest-growing sectors, estimated to be worth more than $177 billion by 2020, it’s been great to see many mainstream brands beginning to cater to these consumers. There was Dolce & Gabanna’s abaya collection (referring to the loose, full-length robes often worn by Muslim women) and Uniqlo’s range of hijabs (headscarves that symbolize the wearer’s modesty and dignity) designed by Hana Tajima. Other brands, like DKNY and Mango, have designed capsule collections inspired by Ramadan, the monthlong Islamic holiday that begins in June.

However, there’s still plenty of work to be done, as a quick browse through any of our favorite shopping sites will attest. In response to this, Muslim fashion followers have taken the matter into their own hands, launching specialized brands and shopping platforms that cater to the high volume of Muslim women interested in fashion and differentiating their personal style. Modanisa, the first online portal to embrace modest fashion, is one of our favorites, merging contemporary and luxury price points in the vein of a Net-a-Porter or Shopbop. Based out of Istanbul and shipping to 75 countries, the website holds over 300 brands and 30,000 designs, ranging from abayas to swimwear. It’s an endless and much-welcome resource, and one that we hope signals more to come.

Below, shop some of our favorites from the e-commerce destination.

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