Kendall Jenner Did an Entire Magazine Photo Shoot in Snapchat Filters

Kendall Jenner's new magazine photo shoot is so 2016: It's comprised entirely of Snapchat filters! Her new Garage magazine spread was a collaborative effort between the glossy, Snapchat, and Be Cool Be Nice, a new campaign designed to end cyberbullying. How cool is that? Boasting a mix of your standby filters (like the ubiquitous puppy one) to cool custom-designed versions, the photos are the perfect mix of social media and style. 

So what was the impetus for the unique shoot? "Garage Magazine's collaboration with Snapchat and Be Cool Be Nice continues our tradition of ground-breaking partnerships that push the boundaries of publishing and technology; fashion and social awareness; premium, luxury content and accessibility," the magazine's editor in chief, Dasha Zhukova, said in a statement. Head over to Garage's website to learn more about the shoot. 

Preview Jenner's new Garage cover shoot, complete with a slew of Snapchat filters!

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