So Is This the Cool Way to Wear a Fanny Pack Now?


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In case you aren't caught up on your Kendall Jenner news over the past week, there's been a major development: She's suddenly really into fanny packs. And it isn't the first time she's ditched a traditional handbag. Jenner had a previous fanny pack stint back in February, when we first spotted her wearing it in a fresh new way (more on that in a bit). 

Over the past several days, Jenner has been spotted wearing a fanny pack on five different occasions, switching between a Chanel belt bag and the above pictured Louis Vuitton iteration. But just a week into her endorsement of the polarizing trend, she's already switching up how she styles it. Instead of wearing her fanny pack around the waist, Jenner has taken to wearing it across her upper body, like a sling. It's a stark departure from how they were worn in the '80s and actually reminds us of how street style stars were wearing their short-strap shoulder bags as crossbody bags throughout the most recent fashion month.

Time will tell if Jenner's fanny pack phase will last, or if wearing a fanny pack crossbody-style will catch on among the fashion crowd. But for now, we're pretty sure that Jenner is enjoying the convenience of her new go-to bag style and might even make it her signature piece of the summer. So without further ado…

Keep scrolling to see how Jenner has been styling her fanny pack and shop a few fashion girl–approved takes on the throwback trend.

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