Diane von Furstenberg Has Career Advice Every Millennial Should Hear

As successful as Diane von Furstenberg is, even she has felt inadequate at times. In a new interview with LinkedIn, the famed designer talked about a time when her confidence wavered—and the one thing that helped her get through is something every millennial should keep in mind as they begin their careers.

"I was a little off for a while. I felt like a has-been," she said. "Then I had a good idea, and then I went from being a has-been to being a pioneer again. I had another wave of success." So what does she attribute her bounce-back to? It boils down to one simple word: acceptance.

"I think that the most important thing in good times and in bad times is to absolutely face the truth and not be delusional. By facing the truth—'Okay, well, this is what happened. It's not so great. What can I do now?'—then you find another path, another door, and another person, or something. You start something fresh." Are you taking notes yet?

For more career tips, scroll down to watch Diane von Furstenberg's full interview with LinkedIn.



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