What Really Goes Into Creating a Major World Tour Wardrobe

Behind every pop star's amazing onstage outfits, there's a hardworking stylist ensuring that every look is sheer perfection. For Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas's tour, Future Now, that creative genius is Avo Yermagyan. He dreamed up all of the duo's amazing concert looks, including a custom emerald jumpsuit for Lovato.

"The inspiration for the wardrobe for the tour was all about where Demi and Nick both are as performers right now," Yermagyan says in the video below. "They're both strong, sexy, and confident, and we wanted to show that in the wardrobe." Curious what else he has up his sleeve? Hit play on the video below. 

Watch the video below for a behind-the-scenes look at the wardrobe on Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas's Future Now tour!

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Opening Image: Getty Images