Katie Holmes Almost Starred In 'Orange Is The New Black'

1. Talk about a different look: Katie Holmes almost nabbed the role of Piper Chapman in the cult hit Orange Is The New Black. [E! Online]

2. Beyoncé will receive the Michael Jackson Vanguard Awards during this year's MTV Video Music Awards. Major. [Wet Paint]

3. There is a CEO who is only nine years old, and he also happens to be insanely stylish. Naturally. [HuffPo]

4. A chronic nail-biter? Here's the trick you need to really stop the bad habit. For real this time. [Byrdie]

5. Anthropologie really has an outlet store, and it's really awesome. [Racked]

6. Take a tour of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's brand-new $22 million home in Calabasas. [Domaine]

7. Because of course: Kristen Stewart posed for Elle's September issue wearing Chanel, leaning against the produce rack at the grocery store. [Elle]

8. Turns out Chrissy Teigen may have been, um, a little less than sober before she threw out that pitch. [Twitter]

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