I Stopped Packing This on One-Week Trips



Is it possible to pack light for a weeklong trip? It's a problem that has perplexed me through years of travel. While I've had experts offer up plenty of packing tips for readers before, when it comes time for me to prepare for a weekend away or short trip abroad, I fail miserably. Usually, I find myself hunched over my suitcase the night before I leave, frantically throwing a random assortment of things into my bag.

Well, earlier this month, with a quick trip across the country on the calendar, I set out to actually pack light for a change. The key to this process, it turns out, is thinking ahead (apologies to my fellow slackers). By paying more attention to what I would actually do and how the pieces I packed would work together, I was able to narrow things down. So what did I cut out? Find a few of my changes below!