Proof These Controversial Leggings Don't Have to Be Traumatizing

We fear grizzly bears, we fear heights, and yes, once we also feared white leggings. We'd written these controversial workout bottoms off, considering them too sheer, at best questionably flattering, and at worst traumatizing. But we've changed our minds. As tech materials have developed and brands have changed up their designs, we're seeing more and more that white leggings are a reasonable choice. Take Alessandra Ambrosio's latest take on the trend, for example. The model opted for a flattering high-waisted style that hits right at the belly button. Contrasted with a tied-up black shirt, the effect highlights the waist. While we don't blame you for keeping classic black leggings as your go-to, when you're ready to change things up, you may just want to give Alessandra's look a try.

See it all below, and then shop white leggings we love.

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