The Reviews Don't Lie—These Are the Best Leggings on Amazon

We don't know where the general dislike toward leggings came from—especially now that brands are creating leggings you can easily take from the gym to the office and even holiday parties. Okay, maybe we wouldn't wear them to holiday parties (no shame if you do, though), but we're still looking to expand our ever-growing collections. But instead of searching Amazon for hours, we went straight to the reviews and narrowed our selection down to the top 15. Because when it comes to leggings, the reviews don’t lie. Comfort, fit, mobility, sheerness, and other factors are so important when it comes to this garment, so scroll on ahead to find these star-studded pairs.

We all need a pair of ultra–high-waisted leggings. 

Can't go wrong with a pair from adidas. 

With these, you have no excuse to skip your yoga class.

Count on Under Armour for a great pair of leggings. 

Choose cotton leggings for extra breathability. 

Not all your leggings need to black or navy. 

It doesn't get better than under-$20 leggings. 

Got your leggings? Here's how to wash them