I Tried 9 Pairs of Leggings—Here's My Honest Opinion

Welcome to the latest edition of a new series in which I'll test out a variety of items from different brands that you want to know about. I'll give you my honest take in my quest to find the best of the best for you, dear reader. WWW Reviews encompasses everything from trends to staple items to fashion utility items and more—basically anything and everything a fashion girl would want to know about. So far, I've covered the best cropped denim flares. Next up: leggings.

Aside from them being the stretchy pants that I wear to exercise, leggings weren't something that I gave much thought to until the world became obsessed with them circa 2015. Suddenly my collection of years-old slightly stretched-out leggings didn't feel adequate. And since the leggings trend has reached a fever pitch, thanks in part to the leggings-crazed duo known as Kendall and Gigi, I decided that the time had come to put some of the top brands to the test, in hopes of finding the crème de la crème. My quest gave me newfound knowledge of what makes for a successful pair of leggings, and it also led me to a couple pairs that check all the boxes (although you truly can't go wrong with any pair in this batch, depending on what you're looking for—I chose well). Without further ado… 

Read on to get my honest take that was a result of approximately two weeks of constant leggings-wearing, and shop them all for yourself. 

Tell us what your favorite pair of leggings is in the comments below, and check out more of our leggings coverage here!

Opening Image: Splash News