If I Want My Leggings to Be Extra Flattering, I Look for This One Thing

Compression leggings have become a rising trend among fitness fanatics and people who simply love being comfortable and for good reason. These leggings provide additional support, increase blood flow to the muscles, and happen to be extra flattering. I did some light research on compression leggings and was amazed at what I learned. One of the primary advantages of this legging style, which I now consider a life hack, is its ability to reduce muscle soreness and fatigue. The increased pressure they exert on the muscles can promote blood flow and also serve as shapewear for a comfortable fit that we're all after.

If you've found it challenging to feel confident while wearing leggings, I strongly recommend giving compression leggings a try. Their snug yet comfortable fit will keep you at ease throughout the day. Below, I've curated a list of 29 of the best compression leggings available, considering both customer reviews and my own opinions. After hearing about all the hype, I'm sure you'll be wearing compression leggings in no time.

The Best Overall Pick: Alo Yoga Warrior Compression Pant

I had the opportunity to try out these leggings myself, and they are hands down the best compression leggings I could ask for. My favorite part is the drawstring waistband, which allows you to customize the fit to your preference—whether you want it tight or loose. They are incredibly comfortable, so it's no surprise that I'm absolutely obsessed with them.

1. Nike Firm-Support Capri Leggings

"I usually struggle a bit with compression pants but my leggings were easy to put on. I’m a plus-size girl and these capri leggings still held me and I didn’t have to constantly pull my pants up throughout a workout. They provide a great stretch and the material is very durable. The pockets are convenient for my morning walks so that I don’t have to worry about carrying my keys and phone in my hand. The pants also held up great after washing. I absolutely love my leggings!" —Customer Review

2. Ingrid & Isabel Active Compression Leggings

These under-$100 leggings were initially designed for postpartum individuals but actually work for everyone. They prioritize comfort, making them the next pair I'm excited to try.

3. Plush Brushed Compression Leggings

If you run on the colder side, you'll love everything about these leggings. They're lined with fleece to keep you extra warm.

4. Lululemon SenseKnit Running High-Rise Tight

I had a chance to try out these leggings and have so many good things to say about them. They're officially one of the most flattering pairs in my closet and made me feel so sucked in. 

5. Dragon Fit Compression Yoga Pants

"This is actually high-waisted, and it doesn't roll down to your hips. I found compression to be light, and it passed the squat test. There is a one-inch elastic inside the top of the band, but the waistband has enough compression to stay put during light workouts. After an hour of yoga, I did not have any roll down or discomfort. After an hour of kickboxing, the pant was still up high and comfortable. After an hour of Jujitsu, the pant slid down but did not cause discomfort. I would buy these again." —Customer Review

6. Good American Compression Good Waist Legging

If you're the kind of person who likes to take your leggings for a night out, these are for you. One customer review said they wore them as a suit and got so many compliments.

7. Jockey 7/8 Compression Capri Legging

"I workout a lot and this brand is one of my favorites. These leggings are amazing very comfortable, durable, and an excellent price." —Customer Review

8. Skims Seamless Sculpted High Waisted Leggings

Leggings meet shapewear with this insanely flattering piece. If I ever wear a skin-tight maxi dress, these leggings would be perfect underneath since they crop right above the ankle.

9. SPANX Look At Me Now Leggings

"They are stretchy but hug you in all the right spots." —Customer Review

10. NZ Active by NIC+ZOE FlexFit Glowing Vines Pocket High Waist Crop Compression Leggings

It's rare to find postpartum leggings that have a fun print so this was a good find in my book.

11. Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Compression Leggings

"For us ladies at a different point in our lives, these leggings are great for the required 24/7 post-Tummy Tuck compression and liposuction recovery. The fabric comfortably and easily slides under clothes so no one knows you’re wearing compression. Wish they were available in nude so that I could wear them under my white jean." —Customer Review

12. Homma Premium Thick High Waist Tummy Compression Slimming Leggings

"So glad I decided to get these. They are true compression leggings. I bought these specifically to wear pretty much all day, as I’m currently repairing my lymphatic system post-surgery. They are high-waisted & feel so good going over my belly." —Customer Review

13. Running Girl Compression Workout Leggings

"I have oodles of leggings. I choose these first. They are soooooo comfy and they look great. The only downside is that after a few washes they have become more see-thru. I kind of expected it for the price and material though. I'm not disappointed." —Customer Review

14. Commando Fast Track Leggings

15. Core 10 Seamless High Waist Mesh Legging

"The material is great, I feel like these leggings will last forever because of the sturdiness or thickness of the leggings. I think because of the design you could still wear them during the summer even though they are thick. The holes let you feel the air. You could wear any color underwear under these and no one would know what color they are because of the material. I bought the size I usually wear and they are form-fitting, which at first I didn’t like but as I wore them for 20 minutes I felt more comfortable in them. If you are self-conscious about your legs or thighs or butt, these might not be leggings for you. I didn’t like the way my inner thighs looked in them but I liked the rest of my legs looked in them so it wasn’t a big deal. I would definitely buy another pair." —Customer Review

16. Nz Active by Nic+Zoe Flexfit Pocket Crop Compression Leggings

17. On Long Lumos Tights

18. Girlfriend Collective High Rise Compressive Leggings

I own these and they are one of my most worn pairs of leggings.

19. Commando Neoprene Leggings

20. Girlfriend Collective High Rise Compressive Leggings

Bringing these up again because this color is so cute.

21. Beyond Yoga Spacedye Out of Pocket Midi Leggings

"I'm a big fan of Lululemon pants because of their side pockets. So I was definitely thrilled Beyond Yoga and decided to make them too and just had to get them! This color is beautiful! However these are really more for yoga than for gym, fabric is a bit thicker than you would like, but does have a nice stretch to keep the legs in shape. Do size down if you are in between sizes, beyond yoga does stretch a bit, and it will definitely look nicer fitted! I am 5'2, 110lbs, XS was perfect!" —Customer Review

22. Wardrobe.NYC Side Zip Leggings

Wardrobe NYC invented the capsule wardrobe we all need in our lives.

23. Spanx Look at Me Now Seamless Leggings

"I absolutely love the fabric on these leggings. They're very comfortable and flattering. They run true to size for me. I always wear a long top with my leggings to cover the front and back, which I'd recommend with these as well." —Customer Review

24. Wolford Scuba Leggings

"Love these scuba leggings for casual days running errands. They are comfortably fitted (not tight), not sheer at all, and can be dressed up/down." —Customer Review

25. Spanx Booty Boost Active 7/8 Leggings

I'll take any opportunity for a booty boost.

26. Spiritual Gangster Love Sculpt Rib Ruffle Cuff Leggings