The Controversial Beach Accessory Emily Ratajkowski Always Wears



On Emily Ratajkowski: Velvet Sphynx Garth Top ($80) and Bottom in Sea Salt ($80).


Jewelry doesn't generally rank up there with towels and sunscreen on our list of beach-bag essentials—in fact, it's usually something most of us consciously leave behind, thanks to horror stories about losing engagement rings in the oceans and the uncomfortable combo of hot metal and bare skin. After a recent absentminded scroll through Emily Ratajkowski's Instagram feed (don't pretend you don't do it too), however, I suddenly found myself rethinking my entire swimwear philosophy. Not only did oversize earrings and layers of necklaces seem like not-crazy things to wear with a bikini, they actually looked totally reasonable—not to mention super chic. 

Whether at a resort in Tuscany, a yacht in Cannes, or a beach in California, the model's jewelry style remains fairly consistent: gold hoops, body chains, pendants, and dainty chokers, all of which accent a tan and complement plunging necklines and salty ocean hair.

As for the practicality aspect, think of it like you would a swimsuit: You're not going to wear a fancy new bandeau bikini for a day of surfing or jumping off cliffs, but for lounging by the pool, why not? Similarly, if you're going to spend an afternoon astride an inflatable swan, there's no harm in throwing on a little bit of bling. (Just watch the tan lines if you opt for a necklace or things could get weird.)

Below, see seven ways Ratajkowski has styled swimsuits with jewelry, and shop pieces inspired by her summer look.