The Many Bikinis of Emily Ratajkowski: A Shopping Guide

There’s an art to the bikini instagram, and if there’s one person who has mastered it, it would be model Emily Ratajkowski. As a Sport's Illustrated swimsuit model and a campaign star for swim brand Amore & Sorvete, the model has spent plenty of time mastering the art of posing in swimwear.

Still, it’s on her Instagram where we get the best look at her super-chic collection of swimwear. From her mixed and matched pieces to her cutout one-piece styles, we’ve got major swim envy for this stylish star. And Ratajkowski has never been one to shy away from a selfie, emphasizing the empowering message behind her social snaps.

While there are practically too many great suits to count, we rounded up a few of our favorites so that you can snap them up for yourself too.

Read on to check out Ratajkowski’s stylish swimwear and pick out something for yourself!