8 "Boring" Workwear Staples Los Angeles Editors Can't Live Without

Los Angeles, known for its effortless, laid-back style, doesn't necessarily inspire professionals to fill their wardrobe with traditional workwear staples like, say, New York City. Granted, the weather variable has a lot to do with the style differences between these East and West Coast metropolises, but aside from the chill factor, each city has a signature style all its own. Seeing as we recently asked our New York editors to reveal their workwear essentials, we thought we'd ask their Los Angeles counterparts to do the same.

Ahead, we tapped the Los Angeles–based editors of Who What Wear and MyDomaine to share the unsung heroes of their workwear wardrobes. Surprisingly, their picks veered toward deceivingly simple staples that walk the line between California casual and polished and professional. Think oversize blazers, wide-leg work pants, and modern pumps. Keep scrolling to find out which "boring" workwear essentials our Los Angeles editors reach for day in and day out.