Have You Noticed This Distinct Change in Kendall Jenner's Style?

You've likely noticed a distinct change in Kendall Jenner's style. The model's off-duty wardrobe used to consist of an edgy mix of oversize statement pieces, reconstructed denim, and lots of leather. Last year Jenner even confessed on her blog how she usually finds herself "reaching toward the guys' section to finish off my outfits," and has proven her mastery of borrowing from the boys. Even as recently as February, we were able to declare that Jenner (along with fellow models Gigi and Bella Hadid) would never be caught wearing anything "girly and sweet."

But times have certainly changed. and Jenner's most recent lineup of both off-duty and red-carpet looks give a decidedly more feminine flavor, replete with details and accents the model would formerly never touch. The surprising—and refreshing—shakeup to Jenner's signature streetwear-inspired style can be attributed to her new stylist, Marni Senofonte. Responsible for Beyoncé's covetable style (and the incredible looks featured in Lemonade), Senofonte is helping Jenner rewrite her personal style rules—taking a break from gender-neutral athleisure for ensembles with classically feminine flair.

Head below for five ways Kendall Jenner has switched up her style.