How to Capture the Perfect Instagram Shot This Party Season

Remember when we took photos pre-Instagram? Oh, it was an easier time. We only had to worry about what our real-life friends thought of our outfit and if we wanted to take a nice picture, we’d just swing our arm around the other person and smile down the barrel.

Now, there are so many other factors we consider. Like, “Did I wear these same sneakers in yesterday’s outfit?” and “Where are the most photogenic walls in this neighbourhood?” and “How do I pose to look cool (even though by saying this statement I realise I am totally uncool)?”.

Having my own Insta-blog (@alycealyce) and running creative agency BOSSY., means I “work” on Instagram every day, styling looks and creating content for different brands. What I’ve learnt, is that there are a whole lotta different ways to pose on the ‘gram, to capture the perfect shot.

With party season here, everyone is feeling a little more snap happy, so keep scrolling to take note on how to capture your perfect pic.

Don’t. Stop. Moving.

The biggest secret weapon of any fashion blogger! While you have your photographer snapping pictures, don’t stop moving. Snap as many images as possible in a 30-second period, while you move slightly on the spot. Twirl around, cross your arms, look into the distance, or take a couple of steps. This method is a favourite for multiple reasons: You don’t need to look into the camera if you don’t want to, you get a bunch of super cute candids to choose from, and your final shot will always be completely different.

It's all in the details

You’re especially feeling one piece of your outfit today, so you’re going to need a detailed shot, which puts the focus on one area, rather than YOU.

Wearing a vintage slogan tee? Sit curbside and have your photographer (selfie stick) take the close-up from above. Just bought a new pair of sparkly shoes? Lean against a wall, cross your legs, and have your photo taken from the waist down. Proud of your jewellery combo? Put your hands on your hips and get ready for a zoom-in.

The Lucky Dip

This one can be a bit intimidating if you’re not used to having your photo taken, but if you’re wearing your favourite outfit ever, you need a full-length shot to capture the moment. Stand straight towards the camera, arms by your side, and then mix up your angles. Try the knee-pop, stand on the side a touch, cross one leg in front of the other, fold your arms in front of you, or put your hands in your pocket. If you’re doing something with your body, you’ll be sure to feel less awkward.

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