Editors Agree: These Are Our 5 Favorite Office Pieces

Growing up, I had a clear vision of what a fashion editor looked like thanks to some of my favorite New York City–set rom-coms: She wore black stilettos that tapped along marble floors, and an It bag hung from the crook of her arm. She was cool, she was put together… She was everything I wanted to be. Fast-forward to today, and here I am: a fashion editor living out my dreams. But somehow my hair isn’t quite as Andy Sachs post-makeover as I was hoping for, and I’m confident I’ll never find a pair of sky-high stilettos I could actually spend an entire workday in.

Let me be frank: The reality is that when we fashion editors aren’t doing glamorous editor things, we spend a good portion of our days sitting behind a glowing screen in an office that’s probably fairly similar to yours. The last thing we can get away with is dashing about in our rom-com–inspired outfits when we have deadlines to hit. While heels definitely have their place in our outfit rotations, we need to feel comfortable as well as chic in order to get through our busy days.

I turned to five of my fellow editors to find out which workday staples they live in at the Who What Wear offices—and why cotton is their fabric of choice.

Button-Down Shirting


Cotton Dress


Denim Jacket

What's your go-to cotton staple? Find out more about the natural fabric here.

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