The #1 Fashion Rule This French Trendsetter Follows

We've said it before: We're always looking to France for fashion inspiration. The women there have a way of dressing that's both sophisticated and refreshing, and among our favorites is Caroline de Maigret. Now the model-turned–music producer has teamed up with Chanel to debut a new website, CdM diary. The lifestyle site aims to help us all pick up a tip or two about style, music, and more from de Maigret.

Of course, Caroline's fashion tips first drew our eye to the site, especially her go-to trick for pulling off statement pieces. She writes, "I usually wear one strong piece of a vivid color or with prints that I balance with plain pieces." She notes that adding one eye-catching piece makes the outfit interesting without being overwhelming. It's a tip worth putting into action when you just can't figure out how to finish off your look.

Read on to see Caroline pull off her go-to trick, and then shop statement pieces inspired by her style!