The Best Gossip Girl Episode Has Been Named—Do You Agree?

best gossip girl episode


Eric Leibowitz/The CW/Courtesy Everett Collection

Every Gossip Girl fan has a favorite character, storyline, and fashion moment, but when it comes to the 120-plus episodes, which one is considered the best? Well, the folks at Glamour just ranked every episode of the series and "Hi, Society" nabbed the top spot. The tenth episode of the show's debut season aired in 2007 (yes that's nine years ago) and featured non-stop drama from the Blair-Chuck-and-Nate love triangle to the introduction of Serena's grandmother, CeCe Rhodes.

While the list lumped season five in the "worst" category, the single episode that reigned supreme also has memorable fashion moments, namely the cotillion looks, which are described as "Blair (wearing the necklace Chuck gave her for her birthday) and Serena looking like the goddamn moon and the mother-freaking sun, respectively." Other standout sartorial moments include Blair's red tights and blue romper ensemble, the moment when Jenny rejects a pair of vintage shoes that are cute, and every leading man in their tuxes. Whether it was the fashion or the drama, who didn't love watching this '00s series?

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